The News Center: 98th Annual MACC Dinner

March 12th, 2013

Tue 6:08 PM, Mar 12, 2013

98th Annual MACC Dinner

It’s such a hot ticket in town…they sold out.

Around 660 people filled the Dyson-Baudo Recreation Center at Marietta College for the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce dinner and awards ceremony.

It’s a veritable who’s who of local business and industry.

“You see a business and you weren’t sure what they did before and they may be able to actually provide a service for your business so it’s a networking opportunity primarily and plus it’s just a good opportunity to see everybody that you don’t see throughout the year,” says incoming Chairman of the Board Donn Schafer.

Keynote speaker former Navy Seal Don Mann has gained national attention for his part in training SEAL Team Six…who assassinated Osama bin Laden.

His New York Times best selling novel relates those training techniques to real life scenarios.

“SEAL Team is very successful in the way it works. And the lessons we learn in SEAL Team help bankers, doctors, lawyers.Iit can help any walk of life and people find that fascinating too. They like to hear the stories about how SEALs train, but they can apply it to their own lives,” says Mann.

One of those lessons is setting goals that lead to a successful mission.
Mann says they set micro goals to help achieve macro goals.

“And you have to set these smaller goals with the objective of having a high goal and achieving that. What so many people do in this country and in this world, they don’t get in the problem of setting their goals too high and not achieving those goals, that’s not the problem. It seems to me too many people set their goals too low and they do achieve those goals,” says Mann.

And achieving business goals leads to economic success as well.
Representative Bill Johnson says there’s ample opportunity for new business to develop in this region.

“There is so much opportunity here along the Ohio River right now and I’m just excited to see this many people come out and be a champion of small business,” says Representative Johnson

Nancy Hollister was honored with the Gabe Zide Citizens of the Year award.

The Business Leader of the Year award goes to Jerry James and Gene Huck of the Artex Oil Company .

The Washington County Council of Cooperatives Agriculture of the Year was awarded to Ralph Coffman and Becky Parlin Johnston received the Elizabeth “Betty” L. Hadler Zonta Woman of the Year award.

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