The Hollywood Reporter: Lesley Stahl, Steve Kroft Remember '60 Minutes' Legend Mike Wallace

April 12th, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter
April 12, 2012
by Alex Ben Block

Two 60 Minutes veterans — Lesley Stahl and Steve Kroft — recall the complicated, competitive, charming co-founder of the modern newsmagazine and the take-no-prisoners interviewing style that “took the clothes off” everyone from heads of state to movie stars.

Stahl on Wallace

Mike was pretty much like what you saw. He was tough, he was insistent, he was one of those never-give-up kind of people. His brand of journalism began in the early ’60s when his son died. His son went missing in Greece and was killed in a hiking accident in 1962. This was a life-altering moment for him. After that, he decided he really wanted to do something meaningful, important, serious with his life.

60 Minutes started in 1968. Mike and Don Hewitt, they really started from scratch. They were given the hour. They could have turned it into anything they wanted. Really, anything. Mike decided it was going to be a place where the Edward R. Murrow mission would be carried forward. He would do investigative, hard-hitting, serious journalism with integrity. He created 60 Minutes for that purpose and pursued it and stayed with 60 Minutes for almost 40 years. He made sure it never lost that original vision that came out of his own grief and what life was about, all those serious questions, and the legacy by which we live. The reason people want to work there so much and the reason so many look upon Mike with so much respect, it all grows out of that.

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