The Guardian: Harold Evans on phone hacking: police and parliament were too slow to act

November 23rd, 2011

The Guardian
November 23, 2011
By, John Plunkett

Former Sunday Times editor Sir Harold Evans has criticised the UK’s parliament and police for not doing more to investigate the phone-hacking scandal.

Evans, who is now editor-at-large of Thomson Reuters, said the Leveson inquiry into phone hacking was not putting enough focus on the behaviour of the police.

“The police failure was fundamental and there was a failure in parliament,” Evans told the House of Lords communications committee’s inquiry into the future of investigative journalism on Tuesday.

“Once the Guardian reported the first case of phone hacking and cover-up why was a select committee of inquiry [not set up] at that point? Why not drag the truth screaming into the open?”

Lord Bragg, a member of the Lords communications committee, replied: “It was denied resolutely by people who you know very well and who you have worked for who said this was an isolated case by one bad apple.

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