'The Fonz' Henry Winkler on 11Alive Todaaaay

December 3rd, 2012

‘The Fonz’ Henry Winkler on 11Alive Todaaaay

2:08 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |  Written by  Eve Chen

ATLANTA — He’s been on “Arrested Development,” “Royal Pains,” Broadway and more, but for many, he will always be “Fonzie.”

Henry Winkler stopped by 11Alive News Today Monday morning to talk about a cause close to his heart, upper limb spasticity.

“You’ve seen it a million times,” he said. “After a stroke, about four or five months, the upper limbs are taken over by the secondary muscles. And they have found that botox helps to release those muscles, sometimes for the first time in years for patients.”

The actor and author has been touring the country talking about the condition and treatment. He was speaking at the Shepherd Center Monday afternoon. “We have a lot of fun in a very serious setting.”

It’s far from Winkler’s first visit to Atlanta.

“This is my Atlanta,” he said. “I love Atlanta! I do. The airport’s a little big, a little unruly, but otherwise you’ve got like a great city.”

He raved about Antico Posta in Buckhead.

“The risotta with truffles will make you sing from the inside without ever opening your mouth,” he said. “I’m telling you it’s like extraordinary. Antico Posta, maybe one of the best Italian restaurants on the entire East Coast of America.”

Of course, Ted Hall couldn’t sit down with “The Fonz” and not talk about “Happy Days.”

“I went to California for one month; I had enough money for one month,” Winkler said. “In one week of arriving terra firma, Los Angeles, I got ‘Happy Days’.”

“Six lines, I had six!” he added of his small screen debut. Those six lines would lead to a decade of playing Arthur ‘Fonzie’ Fonzarelli.

An entirely new generation knows Winkler for his children’s books.

Hank Zipzer and Ghost Buddy make me proud,” he said. “Reluctant readers read one, then they read five.”

Monday morning, Winkler proved that in addition to acting and writing, he can do the weather and a little stand up alongside Allison Chinchar.

“Can I just say how beautiful is your weather girl?” he asked. “I would believe anything she says.”

“It’s going to be 105 today,” Allison joked.

“OK, I’ll just take off my jacket,” he replied, not missing a beat.

Winkler also tried his hand at traffic with Elle Duncan, talked about the dangers of texting and driving and even the WIZometer.


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