The Daily Record: World War Z Author Max Brooks wants to bring zombies back to Glasgow

February 25th, 2012

The Daily Record
February 25, 2012
By Brian McIver

THE man who brought zombies, Brad Pitt and millions of pounds of Hollywood cash to Glasgow with his World War Z novel wants to bring it all back again – this time at a star-studded Scottish premiere.

Author Max Brooks, whose best-selling book provided the inspiration for the movie, said both he and the crew fell in love with Scotland during the month-long shoot.

And he admits he would jump at the chance to come back and launch the movie in the city that made them feel so welcome – even if it was dressed up to look like Philadelphia.

“I would love to take my family back to Glasgow for a World War Z screening,” he said.

“That would be amazing.

“Glasgow made us feel so welcome, everyone was so nice to us and genuinely excited.

“I said to the producer, ‘We have got to come back here and have a special screening, everyone would be treated like kings.’

“What do I know? I’m just the guy who wrote the book but it was an amazing experience to be in Glasgow watching the film being made.”

Even more amazing was the £3.3million the film has injected into the economy.

Brooks said the production was originally earmarked for Philadelphia, where the story is set, but wrangles over spending meant the crew ended up in Glasgow.

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