The Daily Mail: 'Moneyball' concept can inspire Premier League success, insists pioneer Beane

October 11th, 2011

The Daily Mail
By Sportsmail Reporter
October 11th 2011

Billy Beane, the man behind the Moneyball phenomenon, has dismissed the notion that his principles cannot be adapted from baseball to other sports.

Moneyball‘, first published in 2003, documents the early part of the last decade when Beane’s Oakland A’s found a way to compete against teams with much bigger budgets by finding undervalued players through ground-breaking statistical analysis.

The book was a worldwide success and recently has been turned into a film, with Hollywood star Brad Pitt playing Beane, making the latter famous in more places than the general manager of the A’s would otherwise expect to be.

And the 49-year-old bats away suggestions sports like football, rugby and cricket are immune to Moneyball’s benefits.

‘Every business has metrics that correlate to success,’ he said. ‘It’s just finding them and which ones are the most valuable and which ones do you invest in and which ones you get a return on.’

In particular, Beane is fascinated by European football. He is a friend of Damien Comolli, a Moneyball proponent and director of football at Liverpool.

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