The Daily Beast: Tina Brown on Sex, Decorating, and Divorce for Billionaires

July 8th, 2013

The Daily Beast
by Tina Brown
July 8, 2013

Eighty-two-year-old Rupert Murdoch won’t stay single for long. Nor do any lonely members of his tycoon cohort. What their next wives should expect.

Rupert Murdoch, I’m told, was sighted upstate last week at Roger Ailes’s Fourth of July party, his sleeves rolled up and looking 20 years younger. There’s nothing like announcing you are starting divorce proceedings against your 44-year-old third wife to make an 82-year-old billionaire feel the onset of spring again.

As a Fox anchor emailed her friends when the news broke, “Ladies, rev your engines.”

Except for the age of the newly single men on the dating market—80 is the new 55—it is astonishing to see how nothing has changed in the social dynamics of divorce. The ease with which the Viagra set can find themselves a younger wife, compared to women of the same age (or even 20 years younger), remains the same since the William Howard Taft era. Plus, high-gloss girlfriends who close the marriage deal often now discover that, thanks to the little blue pill, there is no safe plateau even for third wives.

Eighty-year-old Leonard Lauder, of the multibillion-dollar cosmetics fortune, who was widowed in 2011 after 52 years of devoted marriage to the esteemed Evelyn, appears poised to marry 54-year-old Linda E. Johnson, an elegant brunette and president and CEO of the Brooklyn Public Library. Their whirlwind courtship left in the dust the battalion of 65-year-old Park Avenue widows who thought charming rendezvous at the same dinner parties in Aspen for years meant they might be the next Mrs. Lauder.

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