The Daily Beast: Meghan McCain on Why Newt Gingrich Should Quit After Florida Primary

January 31st, 2012

The Daily Beast
January 31, 2012
By Meghan McCain

Today is the day of the Florida primary, and it will most likely be the day that Mitt Romney clinches the 2012 Republican nomination for president. I admit that I have a terrible track record of predicting the outcome of elections, but I think it’s pretty safe to say Romney is going to win Florida. The most recent Rasmussen poll has him leading Gingrich by 16 points. The right wing of the party might have fought tooth and nail against Romney, but after a long and arduous primary process, he has now proven that he is in fact the strongest contender we have to run against President Obama.

But somehow, Newt didn’t get that memo. This week, Gingrich announced that even if he loses Florida, he vows to stay in the race until the Republican National Convention this summer. I know that I have made quite clear my feelings toward Gingrich, and I have publicly endorsed Romney as my choice for the nominee a long time ago … but what exactly is Newt Gingrich thinking this time?!? For a man who waxes poetic about the good of the Republican Party and selflessness and leadership, he is now vowing to put his own personal interests and ego in front of everything else

When Gingrich loses Florida—a winner-take-all state—he will be trailing Romney badly. And Romney will be well on his way to winning Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Arizona, and a large number of delegates left on March 6, Super Tuesday—riding high on the momentum from Florida. If Gingrich continues to stay in the race until the convention, the result will be an embarrassing bloodbath that will split the Republican Party in two. He will be giving Democrats time and ammunition. President Obama will only have to continue to reference Gingrich in his attacks against Romney.

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