"The Blind Side" family member visits East Texas

November 18th, 2010


Nov 17, 2010

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By Taylor Hemness

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Collins Tuohy only has one regret as she looks back on how “The Blind Side” turned out.

“I wish that I would have known that this was going to be a big deal, because I would have journaled the whole experience,” Tuohy said. “You know, ‘Day one, when I met Michael this was what I thought.'”

Tuohy says her experience with Michael Oher was like a whirlwind. Her family took him in off of the streets, and the next thing they knew, he was being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, and their family was the subject of an award-winning movie.

She says she still laughs at what she can remember about how her life changed.

“At the time, Michael was 6’5″, 6’6″, and weighed 350 pounds, and he’s extremely protective of me.” Tuohy said. “So add that on top of it, and I had no dates.”

But Tuohy says that now, she and her adopted brother are extremely close. That’s why on National Philanthropy Day, she encouraged her audience at Tyler Junior College to reach out to others. She says her family’s story is proof that a helping hand can turn into something even deeper.

“For us to come out of it, and it be such a good message, and such a good testimony for our family, we feel very blessed,” Tuohy said.

Tuohy says she and her brother talk on the phone regularly, and she almost never misses his games on Sundays.