The Bellingham Herald: 'Bully' ranks as 2012's first must-see documentary By Gary Wolcott

May 4th, 2012

The Bellingham Herald
By Gary Wolcott
May 4, 2012

Every year, someone does a break-your-heart documentary. This year the subject is bullying, and the movie is Bully.

It looks at children bullying other children and how some children — frustrated, feeling alone and horribly ostracized — kill themselves.

Young children and teens should not be committing suicide. Ever.

The documentary starts with David Young. He explains how bullies drove their high school age son, Tyler, to suicide. From there, writer/director Lee Hirsch’s film follows other kids experiencing a similar fate.

Some die. Some don’t. All suffer.

Much of the focus of the film is Alex, a sweet-natured teen who’s mentally a little slower than his classmates. A docile disposition and odd looks make Alex a fertile ground for violence.

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