Tampa Bay Business Journal: 6 things I learned from Carson Kressley during lunch

March 11th, 2013

Mar 11, 2013, 2:34pm EDT
6 things I learned from Carson Kressley during lunch

LouAnn Robinson

Carson Kressley addresses the audience at the Meeting Professionals International luncheon.

On Monday, I met Emmy-winner/stylist/fashion designer Carson Kressley at lunch, and it was everything I thought it would be.
I’m no fashionista, but I didn’t have to be to enjoy Kressley’s talk at the Meeting Professionals International Tampa Bay Area Chapter luncheon at A La Carte Event Pavilion. He was funny, engaging and flirty, but most of all knowledgeable about his subject and prepared for plenty of questions.
So I asked one. Is a woman’s business suit still a powerful tool in her closet?
The short answer: yes.
At length, Kressley said while the original “ginormous” shoulder pads in a woman’s suit are out and smaller ones are in, a woman doesn’t necessarily have to wear a business suit to look professional. Dressing appropriately for an occasion with feminine touches such as jewelry, shoes and properly done hair and makeup all help to create a professional look. But a suit should still be a staple in a businesswoman’s ensemble, even if you dress it up with different accessories from time to time.
Here are a few other things I learned that I think you’ll enjoy.
• Color is the most powerful tool in your wardrobe, so use it.
• “The last thing you put on is the first thing most people notice,” Kressley said, so go ahead and add that accessory to your outfit.
• Similar to going to the dentist, visit your local salon or makeup counter once a year for a “tune up” of sorts.
• Utilize your local tailor to personalize clothing and find a better fit.
• Kressley’s verdict on a controversial fashion rule: it’s OK to wear white after Labor Day in Florida.
Excuse me while I dig into my closet tonight for something fun to wear tomorrow.

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