Stephen King Endorses Neil Gaiman's "All Hallow's Read" Campaign

October 26th, 2010

Stephen King Endorses Neil Gaiman’s “All Hallow’s Read” Campaign

October 26th, 2010 6:12 pm ET

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On Saturday, fantasy writer Neil Gaiman made a post on his blog that proposed a new movement. With Halloween coming up and, as Neil points out, not enough holidays that involve giving books; the noted author decided to urge his readers to give their friends and loved ones a scary book. There was no set date, Gaiman said that you could give the gift to the person on the day or week of Halloween.

The idea has gone viral and has been popping up across the writer community. The holiday has gotten a name, “All Hallows Read” and has even gotten mentioned on The Huffington Post.

Yesterday, Stephen King himself posted on his website that he is behind the idea and encourages his readers to join in the fun and give someone a scary book for the holiday. He notes that his books do make suitable options, but goes on to say that any scary book will do.

Since Gaiman posted the link to his twitter page, many members of his readership have been doing their part to spread the idea. All Hallows Read isn’t a trending topic, though I think we could certainly make it one.

Going one step further, Joe Hill, who many of you know is the son of Stephen King, responded to the idea. He, too, likes it, but suggests that we also take 20 minutes to read a story to your kids or friends.

For what little it may be worth, I too support this movement and hope that this helps spread the idea to others who may not have stumbled across the concept.