Ron Paul: USA Today: Ron Paul auctions old Chevy to help think tank

October 1st, 2013

ronpaul-2013USA Today
by Catalina Camia
October 1, 2013

Time for Ron Paul fans to open their wallets. The former GOP presidential candidate is auctioning off his old car to raise money for his think-tank.

In a post on the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity’s website, the ex-congressman says he’s offering his 1979 Chevrolet Chevette to the person who pledges the largest donation to his free-market foundation. Proceeds will go toward supporting the think-tank’s work, he says.

There is a story behind the car that Paul’s acolytes might find endearing. Paul explains that he bought the four-door compact when he first came to Congress in 1979, amid the energy crisis when the price of oil shot up.

Paul parked his car at the U.S. Capitol next to the gas-guzzling Lincoln used by then-House Speaker Tip O’Neill and took a “cheeky photo” that caused an uproar. Paul likens the reaction he got for that stunt to the criticism heard today about the man who leaked secrets about the U.S. spying program.

“Well, you would have thought I was Ed Snowden,” Paul writes. “There was a huge blow-up. Tip even levied the ultimate punishment: He blocked pork-barrel funds for me, which I was not seeking anyway.”

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