Ron Paul: DePauw University: Overflow Crowd Hears Ron Paul's Take on Surveillance, Syria and Liberty in Ubben Lecture

September 10th, 2013

DePauw University
September 10, 2013

In a nation with record government debt that is increasing by the second, “The burden now falls on the next generation, those who attend a college like this and those individuals who are coming of age who will be making the decisions for the country,” Ron Paul told an audience at DePauw University tonight. “Because this will not continue; it’s impossible to continue.”

A three-time presidential candidate and twelve term member of the U.S. House of Representatives (he retired in January), Paul discussed “Our Lives, Your Liberty & America’s Future” in a Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture. The event took place in DePauw’s Kresge Auditorium, where there was not an empty seat in the 1,440-capacity venue. An overflow crowd of about 100 watched a closed circuit video feed in nearby Moore Theatre, and a live webcast drew another 360 viewers on the Internet.

Paul says the Republican and Democratic parties are interchangeable on the issues that are important — especially when it comes to upholding the constitution, moving the nation toward free market economic policies, returning to a foreign policy that is focused solely on protecting America from attack, and removing themselves from the pull of special interests, which he says usually are far removed from the public interest.

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