Review of 'Hunt the Wolf' – Don Mann with Ralph Pezzullo

July 30th, 2012

Hunt the Wolf – Don Mann with Ralph Pezzullo

By: Margaret Marr

Navy Chief Warrant Officer and SEAL Team Six assault leader Tom Crocker has lead dozens of missions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Panama, El Salvador, Columbia, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and Yemen. He’s the best at what he does, so when he lets Abu Rasul Zaman—one of the top al-Qaeda operatives—get away, he wants another shot at capturing him. But his superiors have other ideas.

On a training climb up the Baltoro Glacier and K2, Crocker is approached by Mikael Klausen, a Norwegian foreign official, with a proposition from his king. Young boys and girls have been disappearing from Norway at an alarming rate—most likely sold into slavery. The king wants Crocker and his team to find them—especially one girl named Malie Tingvoll.

As soon as Crocker gets clearance, he heads out to find Malie, but he’s also determined to find Abu Rasul Zaman, whose terrorist ring threatens to commit a major act of terrorism. Connections begin to click as Crocker races against time to find and destroy a threat to the American people.

Tom Crocker is a bit cocky—a near total maverick. He doesn’t like authority, and he doesn’t deal well with criticism of his missions—even when he makes mistakes. Yet he’s a good man to have on your side. I don’t like him as much as I do Jason Bourne, but he’s dedicated to keeping Americans safe from the extremists who are bent on destroying us, and that’s enough to make me like his character.

Hunt the Wolf is full of action-packed scenes that leap off the page in 3D. The plot’s not overly complicated, but it will take you to places you’ve never seen and will probably never see—at least not unless you have security clearance and are in top physical shape.

Hunt the Wolf comes alive as members of SEAL Team Six chase terrorists from one port to another with consummate skill and grit. You’re sure to get caught up in the suspense and danger, unable to look away for even a second. This new SEAL Team Six series will become addictive—and I’m already looking forward to the next installment.

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