PR Web: General Wesley Clark to Chair Dropout Prevention Program

March 6th, 2012

PR Web
March 6, 2012

The Dropout and Truancy Prevention Network (DTPN), a program that provides an innovative solution for aggressively tackling chronic truancy and the dropout crisis, using Wounded Warriors and others with physical challenges as mentors for at-risk students, announced today that it has named General (Ret.) Wesley K. Clark as its Chairman.

“We are privileged and honored to have General (Ret.) Wesley K. Clark as our Chairman,” said Peter A. Gudmundsson, CEO and President of DTPN. “General Clark is one of the nation’s most distinguished retired military officers and shares DTPN’s passionate dedication to providing at-risk youth with the positive adult guidance and lifestyle accountability support they need to make better choices about school attendance. As Chairman, General Clark will use his experience as a national leader to bring attention—and provide a solution—to the national epidemic of high school drop outs that afflicts most urban and many rural school districts. We look forward to his contributions to our mission to save lives by keeping children in school.”

General Clark said, “Truancy is a national epidemic that can be addressed successfully through innovative solutions. I look forward to bringing the DTPN solution to school districts, government entities and foundations. I recognize the value of teaming some of America’s greatest, our Wounded Warriors, to serve as phone-based mentors/coaches.”

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