Playbill: Anthony Rapp, Dee Roscioli and James Kautz Cast in Off-Broadway's Dedalus Lounge

December 15th, 2011

December 15, 2011
By Andrew Gans

Interart Theatre and Royal Family Productions will present the U.S. premiere of Gary Duggan’s Dedalus Lounge, which will begin performances Jan. 8, 2012, at the Interart Theatre Annex in Manhattan.

Directed by Chris Henry, the production will officially open Jan. 12 for a limited engagement through Jan. 30.

The cast will feature Anthony Rapp (RENT), Dee Roscioli (Wicked) and James Kautz (Amoralists).

In Dedalus Lounge, press notes state, “Danny (Rapp), Delphine (Roscioli) and Daragh (Kautz) are trying to survive in Dublin’s fair city. Their usual haunt is the Dedalus Lounge – best bar in the city. Danny’s trying to get a Queen tribute band off the ground. Delphine’s struggling with a high profile affair and the fact that her granny’s dying and Daragh, well, he can be seen in all places dark and dangerous. A jet-black Christmas tale of desperation, casual sex, bereavement, shoplifting, bisexuality, rampant disloyalty, copious drinking and Freddie Mercury impersonations.”

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