Reviews Weiner's New Book: Beach read that's quite serious

July 9th, 2011

Philadelphia Inquirer

July 09, 2011

From the book jacket

By Jennifer Weiner

Atria Books. 338 pp. $26.99

Reviewed by Robin Black

Jennifer Weiner’s new novel about four women and a baby is a skillful weave of multiple narratives, an absorbing read, and, for all its spot-on social commentary and luxury-item porn, a serious book at heart.

Early on in Then Came You, to be published Tuesday, Annie, the surrogate who carries the baby around whom all revolves, encounters the unfamiliar notion that a story might really be about something other than what it seems at first glance to be about. Less educated than she desires and awfully young at 22 to be a mother of two, Annie thinks wistfully about being able to decipher the underlying meanings in books. The passage is poignant, and also a well-timed reminder to ponder what Then Came You is really about.  Read More…