Parade: Under the Dome Executive Producer Neal Baer Talks Season Two Secrets, Stephen King, and Sticking the Ending

October 31st, 2013

by Scott Neumyer
Ocober 31, 2013

TThe first recent foray back into the serialized television for CBS has been an undeniable success. Based on the epic bestselling novel by Stephen King, Under the Dome has not only been a ratings superstar for the network, but it’s also gained a massive legion of dedicated fans picking apart every single episode for another clue to the what’s really happening inside that mysterious dome. With Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, and Brian K. Vaughn on set, Executive Producer Neal Baer has one of television’s dream teams at the helm, which has certainly helped to make Under the Dome a monster hit. Parade sat down with Baer to discuss the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of season one (in stores November 5), secrets of season two, and how they already have their series ending in mind.

There are a lot of mystery and sci-fi elements to Under the Dome. Do you worry about how much mystery, or how many questions, to give the audience?
No, I think that we try to always answer some mysteries in each episode and then establish new ones so that there’s a constant flow of new things happening and old things being answered. That way it’s satisfying and tantalizing.

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