On Top of the World: 'Batman' mogul heads home to mark autobiography release

August 19th, 2011

The Asbury Park Press
By Alex Biese
August 18, 2011

Michael Uslan has a message: “To all my fellow comic book fans who suffered through many an embarrassing and isolating moment over their lives, we win, we truly win.”

These days, it seems like a weekend can’t go by without a new superhero blockbuster-to-be opening in theaters, but comics weren’t always mainstream entertainment, a fact that Uslan, an Ocean Township native, knows well.

“When I started reading and collecting comic books, living in Wanamassa, I learned the hard way through walking everywhere and then riding my bike everywhere where you could find comic books every week. … Not every place got the same comic books every week … and it was a weekly search to try to get what you thought might be out, because there was nothing informing you exactly what titles were being published, what companies were in business and what came out when,” Uslan recalled. “Comic book collecting was the most isolating hobby you could ever imagine.”