OK! Exclusive: Henry Winkler Talks 'Arrested Development', Vampire Weekend and a Fascinating Use For Botox!

June 5th, 2013

OK! Magazine
By Lea Palmieri
June 5, 2013

It’s no secret in Hollywood that Henry Winkler is the most positive and delightful man in town. So when I got the chance to speak to him recently, I jumped at it. Sure I wanted to ask a million questions about Arrested Development, and we got to that, but also so much more. I’ll be the first to admit Henry has much hipper taste than me when it comes to current music, but he’s also spreading the word about Botox in a very surprising way. Read on to see what Barry Zuckercorn himself has to say, and prepare to smile:

OK!: First of all, you have the best taste in music. I saw you tweeting about Vampire Weekend recently.

Henry Winkler: Well Vampire Weekend, I know (lead singer) Ezra Koenig and of course I got his name wrong the first couple of times I tweeted him. Then I finally got him. But how great is that new album? He’s like a walking musical. Now I’m waiting in July, Edward Sharpe is coming out with their new album.

OK!: Yes! Can we just hang out and make playlists? This is great.

HW: See! I’m with you and now I’ve also added Fun. and I just listened again to Babel which I think is just incredible from Mumford & Sons.

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