Oher and Tuohy about to be reunited in Baltimore

October 12th, 2011

CBS Sports.com
By Gary Parrish
Oct 12, 2011

Sean Tuohy Jr has been asking Michael Oher to come to his high school games for the past two years.

Almost every time, there’s been a reason Oher couldn’t make it.

But those reasons are about to become invalid.

“He’s always had excuses for not flying in for my games,” Tuohy said. “Now he’ll have to come to them all.”

That’s the result of Tuohy recently committing to Loyola-Maryland — a Metro Atlantic School located in Baltimore about 15 minutes from where his older brother lives. And if the names in this story sound familiar, they should. Oher is the Ravens offensive lineman who was the subject of “The Blind Side;” Tuohy is the little brother from the book and film, the one everybody called SJ. He’s now a senior point guard at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis. That’s the same school where Oher starred in football before attending Ole Miss.

“I really didn’t think about him factoring into my decision until after I had decided,” Tuohy said, and that’s true. But, rest assured, Oher will be a factor going forward. The former first-round pick will likely be a regular at Loyola-Maryland games starting in 2012-13. Meantime, Tuohy should be able to score Ravens tickets pretty much whenever he wants.

“I better,” Tuohy said. “I better.”

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