NY Daily News: Cory Booker returns to work; woman he saved still recovering in hospital

April 14th, 2012

NY Daily News
April 14, 2012
By, Larry McShane

Newark Mayor Cory Booker — minus his cape — returned to work Saturday as the woman whose life he saved continued her dramatic recovery in a New Jersey hospital.

The self-deprecating mayor turned out for Opening Day of the Newark Little League before tweeting a message that downplayed his rescue efforts Thursday night.

“Heroism isn’t best exhibited in 1 big action but by those who fill their lives with consistent small acts of kindness, decency & love,” the mayor wrote.

He also made sure a traffic light was fixed after a Twitter follower pointed it out to him.

Zina Hodge, 48, was still unable to speak two days after the dramatic rescue by the two-term mayor-turned-national hero.

Hodge’s sister, Sandra Barnes, said Booker’s next-door neighbor was “doing good today” and could leave the burn unit at St. Barnabas Medical Center on Monday or Tuesday.

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