Noreena Hertz Named One of the Top 100 Twitterers in Academia

August 21st, 2009

Top 100 Twitterers in Academia

If you’re a college student or if you work for a college, you know that keeping up with all the different aspects of campus life, career resources, online education, development and athletics is tough, especially when you’re also trying to strike a balance between your personal life and your regular studies or job duties. But if you want to feel more engaged with the higher education community, all you have to do is find the right people to follow on Twitter. These 100 Twitter feeds come from admissions office, student affairs departments, professors, athletics departments, and more, bringing you information about every aspect of college life.

College Feeds

These general college feeds come from online schools, Ivy Leagues and more.

1. @Harvard_Law: Harvard Law’s dean of students tweets school news as well as stories from the political and legal front pages.
2. @Stanford: Stanford’s feed is managed by an alumnus who likes sharing general campus news, guest speakers, student profiles and a lot more.
3. @CapellaU: Capella University is a fully online school that uses Twitter to congratulate students, share school information and more.
4. @brownuniversity: Keep up with Brown University news, press releases, research studies and alumni news by following this feed.
5. @TuftsUniversity: The Tufts feed frequently shares residential life news and hacks, alumni news, news about honor students, and more.
6. @everest_college: Everest helps nontraditional students learn about education options through its Twitter feed.
7. @drexelonline: Drexel is another online university that tweets to share information about new programs, administration changes, student life testimonials, and more.
8. @UHawaiiNews: Get news from all 10 of the University of Hawaii campuses here.
9. @StMarysU: San Antonio’s St. Mary’s University has a near-perfect follow/following ratio and tweets about alumni, graduating seniors, and more.
10. @udailynews: The University of Delaware’s news service shares press releases and research findings from the school here.
11. @SussexUni: The University of Sussex shares everything from research news to new student information.
12. @CarnegieMellCFA: The College of Fine Arts and Carnegie Mellon shares news, student profiles, photos and more.
13. @ucdavis: Follow UC Davis’ feed for conversation about top students, campus life news, special events and outreach programs, and more.
14. @thenewschool: New York City’s elite The New School has an interesting feed about entertainment news, course offerings, tech tips, apartment listings, and more.
15. @UofSCNews: Follow the University of South Carolina for lively conversation about campus, school news, administration changes, awards, guest speakers and more.
16. @NorthwesternU: Northwestern University in Illinois keeps up with athletics, the arts, special events, alumni, videos and photos here.
17. @LoyolaChicago: Loyola University has a lively Twitter feed that engages students, shares information about special events like blood drives and more.
18. @HarvardEXT: Find information about registration as well as new course offerings and general education tips for professionals.
19. @queensu: Canada’s Queen’s University posts news and PR links about the school here.
20. @Cambridge_Uni: The University of Cambridge extends its 800 year-history by tweeting school news and events here.


Learn about admissions requirements and deadlines for specific schools, or just follow these Twitterers for insight into the college application and recruitment process.

21. @UMBCadmissions: Josh in the undergraduate admissions office at UMBC tweets about orientation, school life and more.
22. @JRandolphT: This Longview-based admissions director is also a social media expert who likes sharing higher education news stories.
23. @realnebraska: Follow Burge, Associate Dean of Admissions at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for school-specific and general admissions news.
24. @collegeadvice: Mark A. Montgomery is a former professor and former college administrator who now works as a college counselor and admissions consultant.
25. @UofLadm: The University of Louisville Office of Admissions tweets about campus news, athletics, and more.
26. @AkronAdmissions: The University of Akron admissions office posts information about parent and prospectives visits, athletics, and more.
27. @ivey_mba: Canada’s Richard Ivey School of Business Admissions Department tweets here.
28. @CaldwellCollege: This small Catholic college shares admissions news and transfer student tips, hosts chat sessions, and previews student activities.
29. @KyleJudah: Kyle Judah is a Boston-based admissions liaison.
30. @HPU_PacificNW: This admissions feed is kept up by Suzanne Prenovost, Associate Director of Admissions, Pacific Northwest Region for Hawaii Pacific University.
31. @UMLAdmissions: UMass Lowell’s admissions office tweets about local events, campus news, application deadlines, and more.


Get team scores and insight into the politics of college athletics here.

32. @FootballAU: Auburn football fans and students can follow Auburn football coaches here.
33. @MSU_Football: This is the official Twitter feed for Michigan State football.
34. @NDHFC: Here you’ll find the official Twitter feed for Charlie Weis, Notre Dame’s head football coach.
35. @OKStatecom: Find all kinds of news and events for OK State athletics.
36. @HeadHokie: Seth Greenberg is the head men’s basketball coach at Virginia Tech, and he frequently tweets about clinics and training, games, general sports news, and a lot more.
37. @DavidCutcliffe: David Cutcliffe is the head football coach for Duke.
38. @USCTrojans_com: The USC Trojans athletics department tweets scores, stats and more.
39. @WSUCougars_com: Washington State Cougars fans can get scores and game updates here.
40. @SoonerSportscom: OU Sooner athletics department tweets here.
41. @GatorsNow: Keep up with Florida Gators football and basketball news.
42. @BUAthletics: This fun Twitter feed features trivia questions, stats, event results, tournament news and a lot more to keep up BU school spirit.
43. @LSUCoachMiles: Learn the personal stories of players, the day in the life of a head coach, and general game and team news from LSU coach Miles.
44. @DePaulAthletics: DePaul’s athletics department shares news releases, scores and more for the Blue Demons.


Below is a list of some of the most popular and influential professors on Twitter. Follow their feeds for expert insight into globalization, the economy, the arts, the environment, technology, and a lot more.

45. @noreenahertz: Noreena Hertz is a professor of globalization and sustainability who tweets about the oil market, U.S. politics, the banking industry, international business and a lot more.
46. @sreenet: Sree Sreenivasan is an incredibly popular J-school professor at Columbia who tweets political and media news.
47. @dancohen: Dan Cohen is an associate history professor at GMU and the director for the Center for History and New Media.
48. @PaulLev: Paul Levinson is a media theory and sci fi author as well as a New York City-based professor.
49. @courosa: Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology & media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina.
50. @hlovins: Hunter Lovins is a professor of sustainable management at the Presidio School of Management.
51. @LawProf: Michael Scott is a tech law professor at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.
52. @alicejrobison: This Arizona State associate professor of English tweets about interesting web finds and more.
53. @Klmarcus: Kenneth L. Marcus posts news stories from Congress and about international events. He’s also a public affairs professor and constitutional lawyer.
54. @dquack: This feed comes from a Texas State PR professor and a strategic consultant.
55. @jonbecker: Follow assistant professor of educational leadership Jon Becker, who teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University, for conversation about technology in education.
56. @ProfessorGary: Gary Schirr is a third generation marketing professor who tweets about university news, marketing conferencing, and more.
57. @wgraziadei: Bill Graziadei, PhD is a SUNY professor emeritus who now works as an elearning consultant.
58. @stbo: This feed is kept up by an associate professor at the University of Bergen who tweets about education, philosophy and technology.
59. @ghoberg: George Hoberg is an environmental/natural resource policy professor in Vancouver.
60. @urbanexus: H. Pike Oliver is involved with the Program in Real Estate at Cornell University and tweets about the economic crisis, urban development, housing, and more.
61. @sprothero : Follow religious studies professor Stephen Prothero for a discussion on the intersection between politics, society and religion.
62. @DelaneyKirk: Delaney Kirk is a Florida-based professor who tweets about her job as a teacher, social networking and more.
63. @davidmsilver: David Silver is an associate professor of media studies at the University of San Francisco, and he tweets about books he’s read, designing a syllabus, and more.
64. @jayrosen_nyu: Jay Rosen is an NYU J-school teacher who posts assignments, news stories and more.
65. @academicdave: David Parry is an emerging media professor at UT Dallas.
66. @garyschwitzer: Gary Schwitzer is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and the publisher of


These academic librarians are cutting edge and love sharing what they know about social media, technology and research.

67. @annalaurabrown: This college librarian shares social media tips, library news and more.
68. @conniecrosby: Connie Crosby is a blogging law librarian who tweets about technology, her guest speaking gigs and more.
69. @libraryfuture: Joe Murphy is a librarian at Yale who tweets about new trends in technology, education and librarianship.
70. @glambert: Greg Lambert is a law librarian who posts geek links, social media news, and library stuff.
71. @library_chic: Courtney S. is a young librarian who works in a small university library.
72. @srharris19: Steven R. Harris the “library collections dude” at the University of New Mexico.
73. @kenleyneufeld: Follow community college librarian Kenley Neufeld for posts about library culture, education, politics and more.
74. @MdLawLib: JC is another law librarian who tweets about legal news, politics and more.
75. @griffey: This geek librarian works at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
76. @ghardin: Greg Hardin is an academic librarian in Denton, TX, who shares posts about books, blogging social media, and more.
77. @deb07: Deborah Lee is a professor, librarian and associate director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Mississippi State.

Administrators and Departments

Here you’ll find resources connecting you to specific academic departments, as well as college administrators and presidents.

78. @JackClemson: Jack Clemson is VP of Academic Affairs at the University of Derby in England.
79. @UMN_Health_Talk: Get news and updates from the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center.
80. @advising: The academic advising office at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay shares school news, advice for new students, and more.
81. @mcleod: Scott McLeod is the director for the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education at Iowa State.
82. @mark_yudof: Mark G. Yudof president of all 10 campuses in the University of California system.
83. @jeffshelman: Jeff works in PR for a small liberal arts university.
84. @presidentgee: E. Gordon Gee is president of Ohio State.
85. @UFJSchool: The University of Florida’s journalism and communications department tweets general media interest stories and department news.
86. @aumedia: American University’s media relations office shares news from the school.
87. @ricemba: Rice University’s business school tweets about their MBA program, alumni, and more.

Campus Life

Follow these student-run newspapers, dining hall feeds, and student affairs feeds to learn about campus life.

88. @TuftsDining: Tufts University’s dining hall lets you know what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner with this feed.
89. @BaylorProud: Keep up with all the fun stuff going on at Baylor by following this feed.
90. @ThePittNews: This feed is maintained by the student newspaper office.
91. @thedailytexan: The Daily Texan from UT tweets student-interest stories and campus news.
92. @ediemccracken: Edie is the campus activities coordinator at Pittsburg State.
93. @GustavusCAB: Check out this feed from the campus activities board at Gustavus Adolphus College.
94. @scaucla: UCLA’s performing arts student committee tweets about shows, special events and more.
95. @osu_housing: Oregon State students can learn about housing assignments and issues here.
96. @tsand: Todd Sanders works in student affairs in Green Bay, WI.
97. @reneemw: Renee is a little “student affairs worker bee” in the Milwaukee area.


Learn about higher education news, faculty recruitment and more when you follow these Twitterers.

98. @usnewseducation: U.S. News and World Report’s education reporting team tweets about college news.
99. @womeninhighered: This higher education news journal tweets stories relevant to female administrators and teachers.
100. @KatieReaves: Katie is a faculty recruiter at the Savannah College of Art and Design.