Noonan for the Wall Street Journal: Out of the Way, Please, Mr. President

July 22nd, 2011

Wall Street Journal

Out of the Way, Please, Mr. President

The Gang of Six puts forward some ideas worth pursuing.

JULY 23, 2011

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It’s good, it represents progress, build from it. That would be a helpful approach to the Gang of Six proposal on the debt. Don’t deep-six it because it’s flawed. Flawless isn’t going to happen. There will be a big election in 2012. A lot can be settled then, and after.

The Gang of Six—three Democrats and three Republicans in the Senate—this week put forward a plan aimed at reducing the national debt by almost $4 trillion over the next 10 years. It includes $500 billion in immediate cuts, and repeals a costly provision of ObamaCare. The plan would lower the top individual tax rate to 29%, push corporate tax rates down to 29% from 35%, and abolish the Alternative Minimum tax. On long-term spending the plan includes a legislative supermajority and sequester feature. In the words of a senator involved in the bargaining, “For the first time, we have some real teeth” in spending controls.  Read More…