News Channel 3: Memphian & NFL Star Michael Oher Talks About The Real Blind Side Story

February 16th, 2011

News Channel 3

Memphian & NFL Star MIchael Oher Talks About The Real Blind Side Story

NFL Star Says Hollywood Made Some Changes, But He’s Okay With The Message
4:37 p.m. CST, February 16, 2011

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(Memphis 2/16/2011) For Memphian Michael Oher, telling his side of the Blind Side movie in his new book “I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness To The Blind Side & Beyond” was a mission to motivate others.

Oher said, “I figured if I tell my story I can help so many people across the world.”

But his book almost never came to be.

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“I didn’t want to write the book because the Blind Side was out there and people would think I would tell the same story and already thought they knew me.”

Appearing Wednesday morning on News Channel 3 Live At 9, Oher said what changed his mind was finding out hi story changed others.

“I started getting hundreds, thousands of letters in the mail from people telling me how much a role model I was and how I inspired them; especially going through terrible times doing drugs and it changed their lives around.”

His life is inspirational considering what he witnessed growing up being homeless and surrounded by crime in North Memphis.

“I didn’t want to be a part of that cycle growing up and dropping out and getting involved in gangs, drugs and violence.”

He said even as a kid he knew he’d find out a way out with or without sports

“I figured that would be the easy way out, but I said to myself I really don’t have to be in the NFL or NBA. I could have two or three small jobs making whatever as long as I was out of the environment I was in.”

Oher says he’s thankful the Tuohy family adopted him, but he also says he possessed self-determination was not to be a statistic in life.

“That’s once in a lifetime for them to take me in the way that they did. It shows you the type of people they are. I didn’t necessarily need a wealthy family to take me in. I had a drive a long time ago.”

Regarding The Blind Side, he says he liked the movie, but he says he knew more about football than it showed.

“That’s all I had growing up and I took pride in it. For it to show me not knowing anything about it, that’s Hollywood for you (smile).”

He also says his adopted mom, Leigh Anne Tuohy, really enjoyed being portrayed by actor Sandra Bullock.

“She acts just like Sandra in the movie now (laughter).”

When asked if Leigh Anne has taken on Bullock’s personality, Oher said “She’s turned it up a little (laughter) and Sandra did a great job.”

Oher, who’s now a standout NFL player with the Baltimore Ravens, hopes to show others how to protect their own Blind Side no matter what obstacles they face.

“I’m a role model now and no matter how far down you think you are, things are always going to get better.”

Oher will be signing copies of his book Wednesday night at 6:30 at Davis Kidd Booksellers in Memphis.

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