Newark Mayor Cory Booker: 2010 World Mayor Finalist

August 26th, 2010

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World Mayor 2010
Every vote counts

By Tann vom Hove, Editor

During the first round of World Mayor 2010, held in late 2009 and early 2010, more than 118,000 citizens from around the world nominated some 840 mayors for this year's World Mayor title. Based on the number and quality of nominations, the editorial board of City Mayors, the organisers of the contest, selected 25 mayors from across the world to proceed to the final round. Editorial profiles of all shortlisted mayors are provided. VOTING IS NOW TAKING PLACE. The results will be announced in the autumn.

You are invited to vote, from the list of finalists below, for the mayor you believe most worthy of the title World Mayor 2010 and comment on his/her achievements but also, if you wish, on his/her shortcomings. Please comment, in English, on why the mayor you voted for deserves to win the World Mayor Award.

Finalists from: Australasia | Asia | North America | Latin America | Europe |

The City Mayors editorial board will choose the winner and two runner-ups based on the number of votes received and the persuasiveness and passion of supporting comments. The organisers believe that the strength of argument is as important as the number of votes. This ensures that a ‘good’ mayor from a smaller city can compete on equal terms with a mayor from a large metropolis. All 25 shortlisted mayors will be asked to sign up to the City Mayors' Code of Ethics.

Vote for Mayor Cory Booker Here!