New York Post: A museum of one’s own

March 23rd, 2012

New York Post
March 23, 2012

Want a more intimate museum experience — where you can breathe? Try some of the city’s lesser-known museums, which have attendances in the low thousands. Here are five off-the-radar spots to visit on a weekend.

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (594 Broadway, Suite 401; 212-254-3511)

Visitors per year: 11,000

Founded in 2002, it’s dedicated to that most populist and often dismissed art form, comic books. You’ll find original art from greats both current and out of the Golden Age. The exhibits tend to highlight the indie side of comics, but the museum still indulges mainstream tastes often enough to make fanboys swoon. Currently, Batman art is taking center stage, as well an exhibit on Michael Uslan, one of the world’s foremost Batman experts and executive producer of this summer’s “The Dark Knight Rises.”