New York Magazine: Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black Are Writing a Book Together

May 31st, 2011

5/31/11 at 4:20 PM
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Here is the description of the just-sold book Stupid for America, which will be published by Da Capo Press:

“[Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain] will be touring the country this summer, talking to everyday Americans about politics, to find out why, as the publisher put it, the system is “so f-ed up.” McCain is the single, conservative, blogger daughter of former Republican presidential nominee John McCain, and Black is a 40-year-old, left-wing, married, liberal, standup comic who’s known for such cult TV comedy shows as The State and Stella. Each of the pair has written bestselling books, and Da Capo described the concept as “Chelsea Handler meets Hunter S. Thompson on a political cannonball run across America.”

This could … actually probably work? Although, I have to say, I get the Chelsea Handler bit, and the American politics bit, and even the bit about everything being “f-ed up.” But where does Hunter S. Thompson come in, really, apart from the road-trip part? Are Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black going to do mescaline together and get in a fight on a casino floor? Because if they are, the book publicists should probably lead with that instead of “talking to everyday Americans.”