Neal Baer: TV Guide: Going Under the Dome: Neal Baer Answers Burning Questions on the Move from Faith to Fear

July 23rd, 2013

TV Guide
by Natalie Abrams
July 23, 2013

Well, now we know the dome is infallible.

The military learned that the hard way during Monday’s Under the Dome after shooting a missile into the dome in hopes of destroying it. Because the dome has begun to affect the outside world in various ways — namely the butterflies’ sense of direction because of the magnetic field emanating from the dome — the military buses in those who were left outside of Chester’s Mill to say goodbye to their families before sending in the mother of all bombs (MOAB) to destroy the dome. Instead, the dome proved resilient, destroying all the land surrounding the dome. Oops! With so many new questions raised this week, turned to executive producer Neal Baer to get the scoop:

Will we see more of the destruction outside the dome?
Instead of bringing the dome down and killing the trapped residents of Chester’s Mill, the missile didn’t even puncture the dome. We got a brief glimpse at the surrounding lands being destroyed, but just how bad is the devastation outside?
Neal Baer’s response: You will see other perspectives, but we’re not going to be outside the dome looking in at least for the short term. Maybe later.

Will we learn more about Norrie’s unique family?
Norrie’s (Mackenzie Lintz) father showed up to Visitor’s Day, but seemingly only so he could cash in on the media frenzy. Norrie had no clue that her mother Alice (Samantha Mathis) had a previous relationship that resulted in her birth, which should make for an interesting family reunion following MOAB.

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