Neal Baer: Newsmax: 'ER' Producer Dr. Neal Baer Turns Lens on Poverty, Education Reform

January 11th, 2014

by Nick Tate
January 11, 2014

Dr. Neal Baer has worn many hats in his long and storied career. The Harvard-trained physician has done star turns as an author, filmmaker, TV writer, and — perhaps most notably — as executive producer of the hit medical drama “ER,” as well as “Law & Order: SVU,” and the CBS series “Under the Dome.”

Now Baer is turning his focus — and camera lens — on a topic close to his heart: The social and economic struggles facing small-town America.

In a new documentary, “If You Build It,” he takes a look at an inspiring community development project in rural North Carolina’s poorest county that spotlights the difficult socio-economic issues at the center of many American’s lives.

He tells Newsmax TV that the film, directed by Patrick Creadon and co-produced by Baer and Christine O’Malley, offers a hopeful vision for a new kind of public education system in which students learn the skills necessary to design their own futures and give back to their own needy communities.

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