Mitch Joel: Anticipating a 'year of more' in 2012

January 6th, 2012

Vancouver Sun
By Mitch Joel
Jan. 6, 2012

While many articles and columns look back at the year that was or posture about the year that will be, it’s becoming abundantly clear that 2012 will – without question – be the “Year of More.”

It sounds a little incredulous to say this when we’re in a world that is struggling for stability. While there is not enough food, jobs, health care and room for the seven billion of us (and growing), it’s clear that with all of the challenges we face, the human race pushes on. With that comes innovations, new opportunities and an ever-demanding public desire for the latest and greatest. Businesses that have struggled with the technological revolution (and don’t kid yourself, there are many still playing catch-up) will continue to struggle, but it’s becoming less about physical infrastructure and much more about a philosophical perspective on what businesses need to look like in 2012 and the Year of More.

. More social. Social media and online social networking have changed the very fabric of business and society. Along with the slew of customer service gaffes we’ve seen businesses go through in the past five years, this has forced brands to become (somewhat) social. While social media have aligned within the marketing and communications departments, we’re going to see the social impetus be pushed through the entire DNA of a company. That may not happen this year, but consumers will be even more social in 2012. They will be sharing, chatting and talking about everything from where they are to what they’re watching and who they are doing it with. Will this trend stop in the future? It may (but I’m bullish on it continuing), and this will be a year when consumers will be even more social than they were in 2011.

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