Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain Serve Up Some American Pie at the Castro Theater

July 6th, 2012

Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain Serve Up Some American Pie at the Castro Theater

by dino-ray on Jul 6, 2012 • 8:45 am

Since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have split, I think it’s safe to say that Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain are next in line to be America’s sweetest couple…purely platonic, of course.

He’s a comedian who you may recognize from the comedy sketch show The State, the cult movie Wet Hot American Summer and VH1′s collection of decade documentaries, I Love the ’70s, ’80s, 90′s etc. She’s a media darling and the daughter of that one that one Republican dude who ran for President. They may seem like an unlikely pair, but when they got together, it was magical.

The two went on tour of our great country and experienced America — kind of like that Britney Spears movie, Crossroads but without the pregnant girl. Nonetheless, the two had a great tour of our lovely country that they put all of their offbeat experiences and Olive Garden visits in a memoir titled, “America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom” — and they’re coming to San Francisco to talk all about it.

At 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 17th, INFORUM at The Commonwealth Club will be hosting Meghan and Michael (or M&M if you prefer) at The Castro Theatre. Joan Walsh, Editor at Salon.com will be moderating a live conversation about their adventures during their trip across this sexy nation of ours. Here’s all the info:

You can purchase tickets at CommonWealtClub.org — buy them NOW before you regret it! It’s guaranteed to be one gloriously funny conversation!

As an added bonus, I will be LIVE tweeting the event! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I will be trolling about the event like an awkward ninja tweeting about everything I see via the Twitter handle @INFORUMsf.

That said, how can you NOT want to come to this event? There’s Michael Ian Black, Meghan McCain, road trip stories, the beautiful Castro Theater, and me tweeting all about it. It is destined to be a glorious evening!

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