Meghan McCain for The Daily Beast on the State of the Union Address: Nice Rhetoric, but Need Real Results

January 25th, 2011

Nice Rhetoric, but Need Real Results

by Meghan McCain
January 25, 2011 | 10:58pm

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Meghan McCain says President Obama struck high notes on civility, but failed to get concrete and show how he’ll make his promises actually happen.

The president’s poll numbers are making a resurgence coming off his speech in Tucson three weeks ago. He continued his theme of unification and bringing back civility with his State of the Union address—which are both culturally relevant and politically expedient themes. Unlike his speech in Tucson, however, I found the State of the Union fell short.

President Obama is a great orator and can motivate the masses with captivating ideas of hope and change. Where he falters is in putting into action his lofty goals. President Obama makes fantastic stump speeches, but putting together an actual agenda is more complicated. The hard reality of the problems facing this country and the philosophical clash between Republicans and Democrats concerning stimulus spending is far less compelling than Obama hazily evoking how we will all work together and how America is the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately the meat and potatoes of what he is actually going to accomplish—and how is going to do so—is far less clear. I do hope the sentiment of unity continues with both President Obama and the rest of Congress. However, we have to hold the president and his administration accountable for the continued fiscal crisis we face. President Obama has another two years and much like the last few months, he will have to act more aggressively on all the promises he has made.

Meghan McCain is a columnist for The Daily Beast. Originally from Phoenix, she graduated from Columbia University in 2007. She is a New York Times bestselling children’s author, previously wrote for Newsweek magazine, and created the website Her new book, Dirty Sexy Politics, was published in August.