Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black Hit the Road

July 5th, 2012
By Larry Cox
July 3, 2012

America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom by Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain (Da Capo, $26)

Three thousand miles, two strangers, and one filthy RV are not the components that one would think could trigger one of the most rollicking travel books of the year.
It began with an unlikely, zany idea. Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black, total opposites and virtual strangers, agreed to strike out on a cross-country tour in order to encounter the real America, up close and personal.
Black, a Democratic liberal, gun-fearing atheist and son of a lesbian former Social Security employee, and McCain, daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain, and a Republican blogger, were unlikely travel companions but somehow they made it work. While on their trip, they met a wide array of people including strippers, hookers, U.S. Senators, soldiers, anarchists, Muslims, and Mormons.
What is perhaps most surprising is that McCain and Black found ways to move beyond their differences and communicate with each other. They were even able to civilly discuss the perplexing problem of how to defuse American politics which has become nasty and personal. As Meghan writes, if she and Black can find common ground, anyone can. Perhaps that is the takeaway message of their book.
“America, You Sexy Bitch” is written and feels more like blogs bouncing back and forth between McCain and Black but that is what makes the content so readable and appealing. This is not a book without faults but it is insightful and appealing in a strange way. Climb aboard for a surprisingly fun summer read.