Max Brooks: Vidette: Author gives tips on surviving zombie apocalypse

April 19th, 2013

Written by Holly Petrovich, Reporter
Thursday, 18 April 2013 20:31

Curious zombie fans filled the Brown Ballroom Thursday night to hear Max Brooks’, author of “World War Z” and “Zombie Survival Guide,” outlook on the expected zombie apocalypse.

The way a person would go about surviving a zombie epidemic should be different than is shown in the media, he explained.

“In real life situations, it is not going to be about the excitement,” Brooks explained. “It’s all about the really annoying details.”

For instance, there will not be weapons, ammo and other resources conveniently lying around like in the video games and movies, he said. Humans will have to acquire their own tools and not rely solely on guns.

Another thing Brooks stressed was to stay hydrated. It is impossible for a person to fight to their best ability when they are dehydrated.

Having transportation is also very important when facing a crisis like this; however, cars require gas, which will eventually run out. Brooks suggests using a bike to get from place to place.

The next question Brooks raised was “where to go?” He explained merely going north or south is not the answer because populations are high in both directions. Instead, find a small place with not many citizens, and follow the locals for a plan of action.

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