Max Brooks> The Extinction Parade

November 23rd, 2013
by Robert Sodaro
November 23, 2013

Just to show you that the up-coming zombie Apocalypse (or at least the attention being paid to the possibility of a zombie Apocalypse) isn’t about to abate any time soon, her comes Max Brooks — who helped ramp up the current age of shuffling undead — with his newest project The Extinction Parade (Avatar). You say that between Marvel Zombies, The Walking Dead, and even the Hardy Boys meeting zombies over at Papercutz you’ve seen all the permutations of brain-eating, living dead that you are ever interested in seeing, and what else can someone do with these poor, soulless, flesh-gnawing creatures can someone do with them.

Hold that thought. Brooks, who helped pioneer this new renaissance of walkers (by penning the best-selling book The Zombie Survival Guide,Recorded Attacks and World War Z (also a major motion picture) is already well into figuring out what comes next. Extinction Parade is about what happens to the vampires during a zombie uprising. Yes, Vampires. (Thought we forgot about them, eh?) Well, now one of the founders of the new zombie renaissance is taking the zombie genre to an entirely new place with this new comic series. Extinction Parade features some amazingly rendered art by Raulo Caceres (Crossed, Captain Swing). Tapping into his hit 2010 short story, Brooks has crafted an epic series spanning over 250 pages.

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