Los Angeles Times: Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are a content odd couple

October 26th, 2011

Los Angeles Times
By Evelyn McDonnell
October 26, 2011

If recently wed alternative power couple Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer were looking for public affirmation of their unconventional troth, they got it: to the sum of $133,341. That’s how much money the gothic author and indie-cabaret musician raised at Kickstarter.com to fund recording of their five-date West Coast tour together. The sold-out trek launches Monday at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre.

“This was meant to be us doing a gentle road trip, having a chance to be together,” Gaiman says. “We love each other, and the nature of our lives right now is that we are apart as much as we are together. So it seemed like a glorious excuse, working and also having a holiday in each other’s company.”

Their gentle date is now the hot ticket for a hipster Halloween. The writer of “Coraline” will read; the singer of the Dresden Dolls will play ukulele. They’ll perform together and apart. Costumes encouraged. (Enter Sandman?) For the newlyweds, this will be a rare chance to spend some quality time together — in front of their “family” of fans.

“I’m the happiest when I’m performing and hanging out with big groups of people,” Palmer says. “The tour’s kind of a product of trying to figure out how Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman have a relationship without stopping their lives and cutting off their identities. We get to morph our superpowers.”

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