Leonard Nimoy Returning to Fringe

October 28th, 2010

The Examiner

Christopher Lloyd confirms Leonard Nimoy’s return to Fringe

October 27th, 2010 9:18 pm ET
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The other day I told you about a trip back in time by telling you about an episode of Fringe in the future…wait…anyway, Christopher Lloyd is going to be guest-starring on an upcoming episode and that’s awesome. Well, Lloyd was recently at a Star Trek convention and revealed a good bit of information about not only his episode but also a returning star.

Lloyd went on to say that his appearance on Fringe would air during this third season and would be the tenth episode. He also let it be known, to the delight of the crowd, that Leonard Nimoy would be joining him in that very same episode.

Nimoy will come back to Fringe and reprise his role as William Bell as many of us were believing and hoping would happen.

It was in the season finale of the second season of Fringe back in May when we last saw Nimoy as Bell. He announced after the season was over that it would be his last role and not only on the series, but overall as an actor. Hollywood has a way of changing things though.

The next new episode of Fringe titled “Amber 31422” airs on Thursday, November 4 after the World Series concludes.