Leigh Anne Tuohy for AARP: Using Our Freedom to Make Positive Change

July 5th, 2011


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This is a guest post from Leigh Anne Tuohy. Tuohy is an interior designer and philanthropist. Dubbed a “warrior princess” by best-selling author Michael Lewis, Tuohy and her family’s lives were chronicled in the blockbuster book and award-winning movie The Blind Side.

As July 4th came and went yesterday it made me stop and think how similar the correlation is between our country’s deep and storied history and helping others hundreds of years later. I must admit I am extremely patriotic! I cry every time I hear Taps, I always place my hand on my heart when I hear our National Anthem, and I hate to see an American Flag touch the ground. You are now feeling patriotic yourself aren’t you?  Read More…