Leigh Anne Tuohy for AARP: Inspiration, it Can Stir the Soul

November 8th, 2011

November 8, 2011
By, Leigh Anne Tuohy

Where do you get your inspiration? What excites, enriches and engages you? I hope your response is not accumulating more wealth, larger houses, more land, stocks, bonds or pursuit of fame. What drives you to achieve your goals? Goals will or will not be achieved according to how we, as individuals, are inspired.

As insignificant and trivial as this may sound to you, especially in terms of the bigger picture of “saving mankind, “I will tell you what motivates me on those days when I just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head. My personal inspiration has always come from the fact that we all put our pants on exactly the same way. Sure, maybe one person puts a different spin or unusual twist than the next person, but the same basic principal still applies…one leg at a time.

I am simply an interior designer who, along with my family, did one random act of kindness because my inspiration comes from the fact that we are all created equal. If the playing field were totally level, what would truly make you better than the next Joe? That is what I find fulfilling, trying to make sure that everyone has a shot at making it.

As you might imagine, I am not the type of person who likes to choose between “either and or.” I don’t like to cut the herd because when that is done, it’s like saying this one has a chance yet, that one does not. I want everyone to have opportunity. Why do you think you’re better than I am, or I’m better than the guy down the street? It gets my juices flowing to know that every day I am going to cross paths with a person who can be a successful contributing member of society if only given the opportunity.

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