Leigh Anne Tuohy: Be a Warrior: Help Add Value to Your Community

August 30th, 2011

By Leigh Anne Tuohy

A friend asked me this week did I ever go “off duty.” I thought that was such as odd thing for her to say, but she had just spent 24 hours with me and witnessed a day in the life of the Tuohy family. She laughed and said, ”Michael Lewis missed on his description of you as a ‘warrior princess’.” She said, “You are more like a ‘trained warrior’.”

Later that evening, I reflected back on our conversation and thought she was really more right than wrong. Life is like a battlefield! Now don’t start sending me correspondence about how I’ve never been to real war etc…. Hey, you are exactly right; I’m just using this as an analogy. BUT we all need to be warriors in life. A trained warrior who is prepared for battle has a much better chance of victory than an unprepared warrior. I am constantly assessing, scanning, analyzing, preparing, plotting…just ask my friends and family!

Before I left Baltimore last week, I wanted to make sure Michael had batteries, candles, bottled water, a plan etc….Irene was headed his way. I arrived home Friday just as SJ was pulling out of the driveway for his football game.  I was quickly going over a list in my mind; do you have two pair of socks? Do you have your water bottle? Start drinking water now to be hydrated, etc. You get the picture.

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