Lehigh Valley: Henry Winkler talks about the return of Barry Zuckerkorn to 'Arrested Development,' meeting fans at Comic Con and Hank Zipzer

May 24th, 2013

Lehigh Valley
By Dustin Schoof
May 24, 2013

Henry Winkler says he has worked with three geniuses throughout his career in show business.

One is director/”Happy Days” producer Garry Marshall. The other is “Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz. And the third? Adam Sandler.

“When he’s shooting (a movie), if he’s in a scene, he stops and goes to watch the playback of the scene and if he’s not satisfied, we do it again,” Winkler says of the comedian-turned actor who cast him as a befuddled college football coach in 1998’s “The Waterboy.” “He’s an amazing leader.”

“Sometimes you work with people who are so great at what they do, so when you watch them do it, you forget and go, ‘Oh, it’s my line,'” he adds.

Winkler’s frequent collaborations with Sandler — which include “Little Nicky,” “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” and “Here Comes the Boom” — is just one of several topics he discusses during a phone interview promoting his appearance at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, taking place Thursday through June 2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

“I stand in front of the table,” Winkler says of going to conventions. “I don’t sit behind it and I get to meet people who have supported me that I had no idea were there. I get to meet families. I get to meet young people who want to talk to me about ‘Arrested Development.'”

Winkler says he looks forward to getting face time with his audience.

“It is an amazing way to connect, instead of me being here in my office in California doing a television show and then hoping people watch,” he says. “And until I meet them (the fans), they are faceless. It is fantastic. We take pictures together and we have a chat, or a hug.”

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