Las Vegas Weekly: Talking zombies and shadows with author Max Brooks

November 2nd, 2011

Las Vegas Weekly
November 2, 2011
By, Ken Miller

Talking zombies and shadows with author Max Brooks:

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

When I was a kid, I didn’t want to be Mel Brooks; I wanted to be Tom Clancy. I knew it back then, and I knew it through junior high and high school. Now that I’ve achieved that, the issue is to stay true to what I want, instead of trying to capture commercial success.

Has the changing face of the book industry affected you at all?

I really can’t let that affect how I write. If I have a story and want to just do it, I can’t sit down and wonder about what the marketplace will accept.

So what’s the current state of books?

I like them; I read them. I think people are going to continue to read, but in what format, I have no idea.


I don’t use them, because my books don’t break. I like to have them on my bookshelf, take them out, use them. I like to see a copy of Red Storm Rising and know when I bought it. My father gave me an old leather-bound copy of Walden, which I don’t read because I don’t want to damage it, but I went out and bought a paperback version. I love how people are reading my Zombie Survival Guide on a Kindle: Why read a survival guide on something that needs batteries?

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