Lara Logan inspires CU community

March 14th, 2012

By Megan Moran
March 14, 2012

Chief foreign correspondent of CBS news, Lara Logan, offered advice and insight into the field of broadcast journalism and international relations to CU students, alumni and residents of Boulder.

At the Glenn Miller Ballroom in the UMC on Tuesday evening, Logan talked about her variety of experiences in journalism, from covering the war in Iraq to interviewing Michael Bublé and Aerosmith on “60 Minutes”.

Logan held a captive audience, made up of mostly students who were inspired by Logan’s work and excited to see her in person.

Morgan Aguilar, a 20-year-old broadcast journalism major, was interested in learning about Logan’s investigative journalism methods.

“As a broadcast major, I really admire her work,” Aguilar said. “I’ve seen a lot of her work and as a woman in the field of journalism, I think she’s very inspirational.”

Logan covered topics from the conflict in Syria to her upbringing in South Africa and how it’s shaped who she is as a journalist today.

“I was taught to have innate respect for all people everywhere I go,” Logan said. “I was educated in humanity, justice and first amendment rights. Those are things people fought over in South Africa and I knew I was prepared to sacrifice for those ideals.”

Logan said that growing up in South Africa heightened her awareness of the issues facing her community, and made her want to pursue journalism to make those issues prevalent.

“I wanted to know what the government and the army and the police were doing in my name as a white South African,” Logan said. “I wanted to know about the atrocities; I wanted to know about the injustices and I wanted to understand it. I wanted to understand what it meant, why it was happening, and how to make it stop.”

Kathryn Flexner, a 19-year-old humanities and French double major, said she is a “60 Minutes” fan and was excited about the opportunity to see Logan in person.

“She’s been through so much and I’m glad I get to be around her and listen to her story,” Flexner said.

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