John Avlon for The Telegraph: Toronto’s Mayor McCrack has a problem and so does the city he leads

November 9th, 2013

The Telegraph
by John Avlon
November 9, 2013

Gather around, children, and you will hear the strange but true tale of Mayor McCrack.

Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, had seemed simply obese, unwise and shady — until earlier this week, when he confessed to smoking crack cocaine in what he casually described as “one of my drunken stupors”.

Ford seemed surprised when this outburst of honesty after months of denials did not result in a healing reset with the media. Instead, the admission opened international attention to the serial embarrassment lurking inside Toronto’s City Hall.

Yes, this most mild-mannered of cities — clean, polite and cosmopolitan — has apparently elected an ill-tempered Chris Farley impersonator (the loud-mouthed Saturday Night Live comedian who died aged 33 from a drug overdose), to lead it into the broad uplands of international respectability.

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