Jeffrey Toobin for The New Yorker: SAME-SEX MARRIAGE, THE LEGAL DELUGE

December 24th, 2013

Natalie Dicou, Nicole Christensen, James Goodman and Jeffrey Gomez, wait to get married at the Salt Lake County Clerks office in Salt Lake City, Utah
The New Yorker
by Jeffrey Toobin
December 24, 2013

When a federal judge ordered Utah to allow same-sex marriage on Friday, did you hear the outraged response?

Neither did I. The Mormon Church, once a leader of the anti-marriage-equality fight and a major force in Utah, was practically apologetic in its disagreement with the decision. “The Church has been consistent in its support of traditional marriage while teaching that all people should be treated with respect,” the Church statement said. “This ruling by a district court will work its way through the judicial process.” A few dead-enders in Utah have fought back, and there is no guarantee that the decision will survive on appeal, but the muted response suggests that everyone, on all sides of the issue, sees where the country is headed.

Dominoes are falling all over. The day before Utah became the eighteenth state (in addition to the District of Columbia) to allow same-sex marriage, New Mexico became No. 17. The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled unanimously that its state constitution required marriage equality.

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