The Huffington Post: Sebastian Junger Reveals How He 'Turned Off His Emotions' To Make Film About Fallen Friend Tim Hetherington

October 22nd, 2013

Battle Company
The Huffington Post
by Caroline Frost
October 22, 2013

I have to say as a former war reporter, you can’t do the job without turning off your emotions at some point,” reveals Sebastian Junger.

“You have to shut something down to do it effectively. Even with something as personally tragic as Tim’s death, I could do that.”

Thus did veteran war reporter Junger devote himself to the heavy task of documenting the work, motivations and sudden loss of his friend and colleague Tim Hetherington in the film ‘Which Way Is The Front Line From Here?’ now out on DVD.

Despite Junger’s clear-eyed professionalism, which has resulted in a moving portrait, a salute really to a fallen comrade, it is clear that the death of photographer Hetherington, caught in Libyan fire in April 2011, has left no small mark on the man who shared his Oscar nomination a year before for their war documentary ‘Restrepo’.

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