Harold Ford Jr. for Wall Street Journal: Where the Jobs Are

October 17th, 2011

Wall Street Journal
October 17, 2011
By Harold Ford Jr.

Philadelphia’s historic shipyard will soon be the construction site for two huge oil-tanker transport ships, each weighing more than 115,000 tons. This new investment will create 1,000 jobs—great news for Philadelphia but even better news for America. Despite all the criticism about Washington’s inability to jump-start our economy, American businesses remain confident enough to pursue big projects like this $400 million ExxonMobil venture.

In Alaska, meanwhile, more jobs are on the way after the Obama administration’s announcement last week that it would move forward with 500 oil-drilling leases off the coast.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo grasps the economic potential of natural gas and is moving to lift the state’s moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. By some estimates, drilling even only 300 of these natural-gas wells per year would create 40,000 Empire State jobs annually, which would pay on average $80,000.

And in Youngstown, Ohio, hundreds of construction workers are being put to work as a new $650 million steel plant is being built. This steel mill—yes, a new steel mill in America today—will build natural-gas drilling equipment for domestic use while providing 350 local jobs.

We spend so much time theorizing about new steps government can take to create jobs that we sometimes overlook the jobs that are right in front of us waiting for government approval.

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