Harold Ford, Jr.: Are Moderate Democrats Being Pushed Out of Office?

June 16th, 2010

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WATCH: Harold Ford on ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews’

BY: March Hare Published: June 10, 2010

“I thought of you immediately this morning, congressman. I said I know a guy who heads the DLC that exists for the very purpose of maintaining the viability of centrist and sometimes conservative Democrats, so it’s not a lefty-party per se, your response?” said Chris Matthews, asking Harold Ford about moderate Democrats being pushed out of office.

Mr. Ford responded: “The DLC was founded by Al Fromm and Bill Clinton went on to personify it through his approach. Our main motto is that the Middle Class is often forgotten and left out of the major national political conversations in the country. I think what you saw happen the last few days, the win in Arkansas is not as much a win for moderates, although Senator Lincoln would certainly probably fit in the wing of the party which we, which I chair, but I think it’s instructive for those running for office, you have to keep your races local.”

Mr. Matthews: “Some of the people, the louder voices, in the Democratic party could go around and say get out of the party if you support the second amendment.”

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